Episode #30 – Joanna Lindenbaum on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Episode #30 – Joanna Lindenbaum on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Creating Outstanding Client Results to Generate Abundance. In this episode, Michele interviews Joanna Lindenbaum, transformational coach and facilitator. On the podcast, she shares advice for coaches and healers who want to grow their businesses—and it’s unusual advice, in the transformational industry of today.

In this episode, you learn:

  • The inner and outer shifts Joanna made to start and maintain the flow of abundance in her life – in terms of finances, time, and self-care.
  • The surprising place to look if you’re not earning what you want to earn—and why this may go against what you’ve heard, recently, about increasing your income.
  • Where the transformational industry has gone awry, and what you can do to stay on track to ensure your clients get results and that you experience success.
  • The amazing thing that happens when your clients get amazing results, and where to place your focus to generate this incredible experience.
  • Why it’s not enough to have a great business model, marketing plan, or strategy—and what you must have if you want to create transformation with your clients and build your business.
  • And more.

Joanna talks about what’s happening now in the transformation industry, and how that’s affecting the ability of coaches and healers to get clients and build their businesses. Fortunately, she says, coaches and healers who shift their focus can dramatically improve the results they get for their clients and in their businesses. On the podcast, she shares three tips for making that shift in focus.

It is Joanna’s mission to guide transformational entrepreneurs in creating kick-ass transformation for their clients—and therefore, build their businesses. She believes that when you know, 100% in your bones, that you’re not faking it, you experience an incredible psychological and energetic freedom.

You can download Joanna Lindenbaum’s free gift, “Unlock Your Sacred Leadership Archetype,” an assessment to activate the transformational leader hiding in your fears, here.

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