Episode #33 – Raven Blair Glover on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Episode #33 – Raven Blair Glover on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

When Non-Money Issues Manifest as Money Issues. In this episode, Michele interviews Raven Blair Glover, the Talk Show Maven and recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. On the podcast, she shares advice for determining whether what you believe are money issues are actually other fears, limiting beliefs, or challenges. She says that when they are, and you resolve those fears, limiting beliefs or challenges, your money issues resolve themselves.

In this episode, you learn:

  • A mindset shift that will help you grow your audience, naturally.
  • One lesson Raven learned long ago, that can guide you in making great decisions, quickly.
  • Why so many entrepreneurs place their focus on the wrong thing—and where your focus must be if you want to grow your business.
  • A critical piece of clarity you need to move forward and reach your biggest goals—financially and otherwise.
  • The single most important investment an entrepreneur can make as he or she builds a business.
  • The one idea that differentiates a hobby from a business (master this and start making money!).
  • And more.

Raven talks about what to do if you experience low self-esteem or self-worth, or if you’ve given up on your dreams. The key, she says, is to be in the game full force.

It is Raven’s passion to work with home-based business owners to clarify their message, build a branded show around their business or book, and talk their way to cash.

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