Episode 37 – Adam Urbanski on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Episode 37 – Adam Urbanski on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Creating a Specific, Result-Driven Plan to Get Your Business Exactly Where You Want It to Be. In this episode, Michele interviews Adam Urbanski, the Millionaire Marketing Mentor and founder of The Marketing Mentors, a coaching business that guarantees quick results. On the podcast, he shares advice for generating successful sales, and staying motivated in business and in life.

In this episode, you learn:

  • The thought-changing perspective that brought Adam from rags to riches—and how this perspective can change yours for the better.
  • How to remain resilient through the toughest of business times.
  • What the “Results Revolution” is, and what it means for your business and success.
  • How to avoid becoming part of the 95% of people who want to make changes, but don’t.
  • Specific instruction on how to create an action plan in order to set and achieve goals.
  • The secret to revving up your results, quickly.
  • And more!

Adam also talks about what happened when he faced his greatest fear—and how that led him to conquer his fears and dig himself out of a financial hole.

It is Adam’s passion to teach entrepreneurs how to turn their unique brilliance and passion into businesses that work and attract clients like crazy—systematically, automatically, and profitably.

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