Episode 38 – Lindsay Miller on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Episode 38 – Lindsay Miller on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

How to Stop Hiding Behind Your Fears, and Start Letting Yourself Shine. In this episode, Michele interviews photographer Lindsay Miller, who shares her journey from corporate America to owning and running her own successful business. On the podcast, she talks about the burnout she felt from working 60 hours a week, her turning point, and the lowest lows she experienced when starting her own photography business. She also shares how she found a happy medium that paid off both financially and spiritually.

In this episode, you learn:

  • How to find your calling in business, and enjoy the journey toward living it.
  • Tips for changing your perspective, so you can get moving in the right direction, faster.
  • One absolute key to running a successful business.
  • The key to becoming magnetically attractive to prospects and clients.
  • Mistakes to avoid, as a new business owner, so you shorten your learning curve.
  • What to do for your business, when you feel like you’re out of solutions.
  • How to see the bright side, when things feel like they’re “falling apart.”
  • And so much more.

Lindsay also provides insight on overcoming fears and owning your value, and the importance of doing so when it comes to succeeding in business.

Lindsay Miller is the owner of “Wildly Visible,” and a successful photographer. She works with solo entrepreneurs—women and men who own their own business—and who are looking to take it to the next level by using their image to reach a larger market. She is passionate about truly understanding who her clients are, and their essence, and about sharing that essence with the world.

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