Episode 44 – Jim Niswonger on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Episode 44 – Jim Niswonger on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

How to Love Your Clients So They Love You (and Your Products) Back! In this episode, Michele interviews Jim Niswonger, Director of Badassery, highly-successful coach to coaches, and creator of Enlightened Profits. He shares his philosophical method for love-based marketing, and dishes on how his approach changed everything for his business (and his clients!). This fundamental change in marketing—connecting with clients on a deeper level and helping them recognize why your product or service is what they need—is simple and effective.

In this episode, you learn:

  • Why focusing on getting a prospect to say “yes” to your offer is ineffective, and what to do instead to inspire him to buy.
  • The three “permissions” potential clients are trying to give themselves before making a purchase (so you can help them get there).
  • The benefits (plus the how’s and why’s) to making your clients believe that you truly care about their needs.
  • Why giving clients what they want to hear (rather than what they need to hear) will make them turn away (and again, what to do instead).
  • And so much more.

Jim also shares his personal story around the dissatisfaction he felt working in corporate America, and how his own dream of becoming a coach was surpassed by his desire to help other coaches coach. That’s when he turned to marketing—his true passion. Jim talks the importance of recognizing what clients truly want and need (rather than forcing them into buying into something they don’t want). Finally, he also shares what he feels is an irreplaceable part of successful marketing.

Jim works with like-minded coaches who really want to make a different in their clients’ lives. Coaches turn to him when they want to connect with their clients on a level that involves love and trust, and ultimately results in a successful, long-lasting partnership.

To learn more about Jim Niswonger, go here: www.enlightenedprofits.com

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