Episode 50 – Special Edition: Is Podcasting the Right Love-Based Marketing Strategy for You?

Episode 50 – Special Edition: Is Podcasting the Right Love-Based Marketing Strategy for You?

Michele flies solo in this episode where she shares some of the top lessons she learned at the New Media Summit, an event in San Diego that covered all things podcasting.

But, first, why is she talking about podcasting on Love-Based Money?

Well, because podcasting is a marketing tactic, which means it pushes all kinds of buttons, including a fear of visibility, fear of success, fear of failure, etc.

And, all of those fears are closely tied to our money stories. If we have a fear around success or being visible, that’s going to hamper our ability to make money, and if we struggle with making money, that will likely continue to feed our fear-based money stories.

The more we can face and move through ALL our fears, the easier it will be to transform our relationship with money.

So, why podcasting? Podcasting is actually super hot right now and still growing. It may very well be the marketing tactic of the future (and unlike videos and livestreams, doesn’t require any showers or makeup).

BUT it has to be the right tactic for you.

Here in love-based online marketing land, making sure you’re aligned with a marketing tactic is just as important as what marketing tactic you choose. Marketing is difficult enough. If you’re choosing to do something you don’t enjoy, you’re just making it that much more difficult for yourself.

In addition, on this episode, Michele covers:

  • Why podcasting is trending and why you might want to consider starting your own podcast
  • Tips on how to best create the right podcast for you
  • Why it’s important to be in alignment with your marketing
  • And more.

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