Episode 51 – Deanna Maio on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Episode 51 – Deanna Maio on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Find Your True Voice and Shine (with the Most Confidence, Vitality, and Presence You’ve Ever Had!). In this episode, Michele interviews coach Deanna Maio, founder and owner of Confident Voice Studio in Portland, Oregon. Deanna is a successful business owner who coaches people who are in the limelight—professionally or recreationally. She made a drastic change in her life when she pursued her own creative endeavors, and it completely changed her life. A performer now for more than 38 years, Deanna is a big believer in following your heart and mastering your talents (and her passion is to help others do the same).

In this episode, you learn:

  • Exactly what to do to have a lasting impact on your audience (whether it’s a stage performance, public speech, or singing gig).
  • How (and why!) to turn your creative hobbies into your business (which is not only possible, but profitable!).
  • How to transform “burn out” into fuel for pursuing your creative endeavors.
  • How to know when to reinvent yourself so you’re successful, avoiding any self-sabotage.
  • 3 specific tips to maximize your visibility (and reap the endless benefits of doing so).
  • And so much more.

Deanna shares her personal story of working for years in a job she thought she should be doing (rather than what she wanted to be doing). After relentlessly pursuing her dream in addition to working a regular job, it all finally caught up with her, and she had to make a choice—stick with the job that paid the bills, or venture out of her comfort zone to do what she truly loved. (Listen to this episode to find out which she chose, and how it worked out for her!)

Deanna Maio is a business owner, performer, and coach who works with actors, authors, performers, singers, public speakers, and executives to master speaking. She is known for helping people to find their own unique, vocal expression, and give their best performance, consistently.

Right now, Deanna is offering a FREE, “Confident Voice Assessment,” to help you identify your strengths as a performer, and uncover some of the hidden weaknesses that could be sabotaging your progress, and learn more about her here.

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