Episode 63 – Bruce Langford on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Episode 63 – Bruce Langford on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Mindfulness: Grow Your Business AND Your Confidence. In this episode, Michele interviews Bruce Langford, life coach and host of Mindfulness Mode—a popular podcast that features interviews with entrepreneurs that attribute much of their success to mindfulness. He works with clients to empower them in their personal or professional lives. Here, Bruce talks about his “entrepreneurial spirit” and the role mindfulness plays in his success, as well as the money-related blocks he has faced and overcome to get where he is today. He also gives advice for utilizing mindset to further personal growth.

In this episode, you learn:

  • What being “mindful” really means, and how it relates to your business.
  • A common mindset block many creative entrepreneurs face, and how to overcome it.
  • How to move forward when money blocks hold you back.
  • Why (and how!) to take a deep breath and push pause on the “go, go, go” button of your life.
  • What two-minute process you can go through daily, to de-stress and refocus.
  • And so much more.

Bruce also talks about how he helps people living with worry and fear and constant stress. He also shares his background as a musician, and explains the power music—and other creative outlets—over anxiety and overwhelm.

Bruce has experienced drastic, positive change in his life because of his mindfulness efforts and his redefined way of living. He helps people get grounded, stay centered, and grow their business with less stress.

To learn more about Bruce Langford and listen to his podcast, go here.

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