Episode 67 – Mary Allen on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Episode 67 – Mary Allen on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Align Your Life with Inner Peace. In this episode, Michele interviews Mary Allen, life and business coach, and widely known as “America’s Inner Peace Coach.” Mary works with individuals to breathe easier and live happier, all while accelerating the process of achieving their most desired goals. Here, she shares her evolution from a “Type-A” personality to working 60 hours a week while constantly operating from a “1,000 miles per hour” mindset to a calm, centered entrepreneur who has perfected the balance between peace and success.

In this episode, you learn:

  • How to identify areas of resistance in your life, and tackle them with inner peace (yes, it’s possible!).
  • How to energetically create space for that which you wish to receive (no matter how impossible it seems).
  • Ways to get clear on your life and/or business vision, be at peace with that vision, and align your life with it.
  • How to live in the moment with five proven, essential keys to staying present.
  • And so much more.

Mary also talks about the mindset so many people have around money—that earning a lot of money and having inner peace are two completely unrelated things, when really, they can be one in the same. In fact, Mary did the work it took to balance her home and business life, and now she teaches clients to do the same … to find their “sweet spot,” and live in alignment with it.

Mary has 19 years of experience working to help people see their full potential and reach it, enjoying a level of inner peace they never thought possible.

To learn more about Mary Allen, go here and get her free gift, an eBook (also available as an MP3) called “Five Keys to Inner Peace Now,” which she wrote to help her readers find, keep, and deepen their inner peace. Also, as part of her gift, Mary is giving away her “ultimate super tool in getting yourself back to inner peace.”

To continue this conversation, hop on over to the Love-Based Business Movement Facebook Group, where you can ask your questions and be a part of the conversation to shift our businesses and lives to a foundation of love.

And, if this topic resonated with you, you may be interested in Michele PW’s book, “Love-Based Money and Mindset: Make the Money You Desire Without Selling Your Soul.” It’s available at most online retailers, here.

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