Episode 69 – Stepping into My Identity as a Fiction Writer

Episode 69 – Stepping into My Identity as a Fiction Writer

It Took Only 40 Years to Embrace Her Soul’s Calling. In this episode of Love-Based Money, Michele PW flies solo to share her journey around stepping into her fiction writer identity.

You may be familiar with Michele’s story; she taught herself to read at three years old because she wanted to write stories so badly.

Despite that passion and determination as a child, her writing dream was derailed as an adult, and she lost her way.

The catalyst for reclaiming her identity as a fiction writer was her mother’s death in 2015. She then finally published her first two novels, which she had completed a decade earlier, and started working on a new three-book psychological thriller/mystery series.

But it still took her a couple of years—along with a lot of unwinding of old patterns and limiting beliefs, facing her fear-based emotions, AND dealing with what Steven Pressfield, author of “War of Art” calls Resistance—before she could actually embrace her identity.

Michele says that part of the challenge was that she really needed to learn how to embrace both identities—as an entrepreneur and as a writer. (If you are someone who also has multiple passions, and you want to build your business around those multiple passions, you may understand how challenging that was!)

For her to succeed, she went through the process of learning how to process fear-based emotions effectively, so she could allow her inner wisdom to support her.

She shares more about how she did that on this episode.

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