Attention all entrepreneurs who want their websites to play a significant role in helping them reach the people they’re meant to reach … but you have NO idea why it’s not working, this is for you …

In 30 Minutes Or Less, You Can Quickly And Easily Pinpoint EXACTLY Why Your Website Isn’t Making Money AND EXACTLY What You Need To Do to Turn It Around …

Imagine … your website working for you, 24/7, attracting and inspiring ideal clients, customers and buyers to you, so you can reach more people than ever while increasing your profits … thanks to powerful, love-based marketing strategies that work (even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body or a trove of marketing knowledge, and even if you’re feeling hopeless right now!).

It’s absolutely possible – and I can show you how.

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  • Do you have “website shame?”
  • Are you feeling discouraged because you’ve spent a lot of time and/or money on a website that isn’t working for you?
  • Are you tired of traditional “fear-based” marketing and copy … but you don’t know how to craft a love-based website that actually gives you results?
  • Would you like a website you absolutely love and are proud to show the world … and that loves you back by bringing you ideal clients, customers and buyers?

It’s all possible and I can show you how.

Kendall Summerhawk“Thanks to your eagle eye and copywriting changes to ONE simple email I increased registrations for my “Give Your Pricing a Kick-in-the-Pants” Virtual Workshop Intensive by 20%! That´s money that went straight into my bank account!”

Kendall Summerhawk
Author, “How to Charge What You´re Worth and Get It!”

My name is Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) and I’m the bestselling author of the Love-Based Business series of books, including Love-Based Copywriting and Love-Based Online Marketing.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build websites they love AND that loves them back.

You don’t have to use what I call “fear-based” marketing and copy (which is copy and marketing that feels hype-y, sales-y and inauthentic) to make money with your website. You CAN sell with love … and my “Why Isn’t My Website Making Me Any Money? 10 Easy Steps to Build a Website You Love AND that Loves You Back” can help.

It’s A Quick, 40-Page Manuscript Carefully Designed to Remove the Guesswork from the Process of Figuring out Why Your Website Isn’t Working to Grow Your Business – and Exactly What to Do About It.

If you’re looking to:

  • Attract ideal prospects and convert them into ideal clients, customers and buyers — even if you’re sleeping, on vacation or out enjoying your life …
  • Attract new ideal prospects to your business every day, so you can continue getting your message out there to MORE of the people who need it most …
  • Encourage past clients to hire you again, so you can continue your work together and strengthen the relationship …
  • Grow your subscription list with warm, responsive subscribers who love what you do …
  • Fill your business with a steady stream of new ideal clients who can’t wait to work with you …
  • Grow your business by making consistent sales (without your even being involved!) …

THIS is for you!

Therese Skelly“Wow. I love this product! Thanks Michele for making the often times crazy world of internet marketing simple. From your ability to explain what conversion rates are and what is realistic, to how to craft really compelling headlines, this eBook is packed with tons of valuable information. You take a subject that is often misunderstood and give practical steps to get more traffic to your site, which means more money in your bank! I appreciate your easy to read style and love the humorous elements you add. Thanks for producing this. It is definitely one I´ll be insisting that all my clients read!”

Therese Skelly
Money Mindset Mentor and Business Catalyst

“Why Isn’t My Website Making Me Any Money” is based on proven love-based Internet marketing principles that WORK. Once you build your website around them, your website will do exactly what you want it to: expand your reach, so you can make the big impact you’ve always dreamed of making… while growing your business!

I want you to know I intentionally kept this manual SHORT – just 40 pages. No fluff, no pumping it up with excess “stuff” so it LOOKS more impressive. I know your time is valuable and I want to make sure I use it as efficiently as possible.

It’s divided into 10 chapters – 1 chapter per diagnostic tool. Each diagnostic tool guides you in identifying a problem with your website, followed by methods for implementing a solution. Each tool comes with specific, clear action steps so you can put what you learned into action immediately!

I also created a Website Checklist you can fill out as you go through the manual to make it even easier to pinpoint which action step would be best for you to take.  So, in 30 minutes or less, you can follow the simple instructions and know EXACTLY where the problem is with your website and EXACTLY what you need to do to start expanding your reach, right away, by generating more leads, clients and sales.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get:

  • The one thing you should do before you do ANYTHING else with your website (in fact, without this, you can’t even put together a decent plan or strategy FOR your website)
  • 7 tips and techniques to tweak your existing website in order to make it persuasive and irresistible to your ideal prospects, so they are excited to work with you and experience the transformation you provide
  • One simple strategy that will make the difference between your site being “just a website” and it becoming an online life-changing, business-building machine!
  • A common, VERY costly mistake you’ve probably made (or are considering making), which leads to your ideal prospects walking away—and your website not making sales (and of course, how to avoid it)
  • An easy and effective way to transform yourself into an expert (so people will be more likely to buy from you, ready to experience your magic)
  • 7 simple, 5-minute tweaks that add credibility to your site, so people will be more comfortable handing over their credit card and other personal information.
  • 4 powerful strategies to start building your list with interested, ideal prospects who can’t wait to work with you
  • The one element you need to overcome one of the BIGGEST objections people will have that will prevent them from doing business with you (and it’s NOT what you think).
  • 5 more important areas of consideration, if you think you’ve tried “everything” to grow your business with your website
  • And more

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Christine Arylo“In a world where so many people use fear and manipulation to market and enroll, Michele is a powerful breath of fresh air for those who desire to get their work into the world in ways that feel good and that work. Michele is a master at teaching the technical foundations of writing powerful communications and offerings AND helping you do it in a way that feels authentic. Writing in this manner is a skill and Michele has spent years mastering it. She’s helped me become more powerful, clear and concise AND stay true to how I desire to make my offerings to the world – from love in ways that cut through the clutter.”

Christine Arylo
Feminine Leadership Advisor, Founder of the Path of Self Love + Best Selling Author

Bottom Line — It’s About Practical, No-Nonsense, Down-to-Earth, Tried-and-Tested Marketing Principles. It’s About FINALLY Having a Solid Plan with Specific Action Steps Designed to Help You Transform Your Website into an Asset That Expands Your Reach, and Builds Your Biz.

In addition, to make sure you have everything you need, I’m including these 3 bonuses:

Bonus #1 – 2 Income Streams You Can Add to Your Business (And Increase Your Bottom Line) special report. You could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table and not even know it! This special report walks you through hidden profit opportunities … and opportunities to reach more people… in your business. ($19.99 value)

Bonus #2 – 57 Low or No–Cost Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site (and 1 thing you should absolutely NOT do) special report. Get a flood of new customers to your site (the ones who can’t wait to do business with you!), without using pay-per-click or other methods that cost you a small fortune.  ($47 value)

Bonus #3 — 6 Steps to Crafting a Hot Freebie Perfect for Your Ideal Clients So You Build Your List AND Sell Your Products/Programs/Services. This is a PDF and audio designed to walk you through exactly how to create the perfect free gift to attract your ideal clients, customers and buyers. ($97 value).

Altogether, you’ll get a complete package to turn your website into a powerfully-effective marketing machine, 24/7, all for only $39.

Best yet, you’ll have access to this information IMMEDIATELY. You can download these reports and audio moments after you purchase, which means you don’t have to wait to start making BIG progress on your website.

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Linda H. Hunt“With Michele´s expert copywriting and marketing help, we´re averaging an 8% conversion rate! Considering that 1% is typically considered really good by industry standards, we were blown away by the results.”

Linda H. Hunt

Full 1-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — if you aren’t happy, return it for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’m so busy! I don’t have time to read this manual, much less implement new information! How can I justify this time investment?

A: First of all, when your website is efficient—which it will be if you implement what I teach in Why Isn’t My Website Making Me Any Money?—you free up so much of your time, because your website is reaching your ideal prospects and turning them into ideal clients even when you’re not working. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve made this a short, quick read and included step-by-step instructions for repairing whatever is wrong with your site, so you can maximize its marketing effectiveness in a matter of hours – then sit back and enjoy the rewards!

Q: I’m not creative at all, and I dislike marketing! Will this work for me?

A: I’m so glad you asked. This diagnostic tool is just for you if you’re a business owner who is passionate about your business but NOT about marketing. The systems I teach are basic marketing techniques, so they work whether you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, author, doctor, lawyer, or other professional service provider … even if you’re selling your products (information products or tangible products) or in retail. These techniques even work for nonprofit organizations, to drive fundraising efforts.

Q: I don’t have a website yet. Will this manual help me?

A: Absolutely! In fact, having this diagnostic tool will help you NOT make the mistakes so many new entrepreneurs make with their first websites.

This manual walks you, step-by-step, through the marketing techniques you need to start attracting clients and expanding your reach through your website. You can quickly breeze through the material, and you can come back to it time and time again, whenever you need to.

Bottom Line: If you’re ready to expand your reach and deliver your message to a greater number of ideal clients while growing your business and making more money, then you can’t afford NOT to invest in “Why Isn’t My Website Making Me Any Money? 10 East Steps to Build a Website You Love AND that Loves You Back.”

YES, MICHELE!  I’m ready for a website I love AND that loves me back.

For $39 I know I’ll receive:

  • “Why Isn’t My Web Site Making Me Any Money? 10 Easy Steps to Build a Website You Love AND that Loves You Back” manual / diagnostic tool that includes a Website Checklist.
  • Bonus #1 – 12 Income Streams You Can Add to Your Business (And Increase Your Bottom Line) special report, so I can stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table. ($19.99 value)
  • Bonus #2 – 57 Low– or No–Cost Ways to Get Traffic To Your Site (and 1 thing you should absolutely NOT do) special report. ($47 value)
  • Bonus #3 — 6 Steps to Crafting a Hot Freebie Perfect for Your Ideal Clients So You Build Your List AND Sell Your Products/Programs/Services ($97 value).

Satisfaction Guarantee

And I understand I’ll be protected by your full 1-year, 100% Iron Clad, Money-Back Guarantee.

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Dr. Venus Opal Reese“Please know Michele that my life is transforming because of your presence in my life. I am truly fulfilling my dream of making my calling my career. You are an extraordinary, honest, compassionate, and brilliant mentor. I love having you as my mentor and I thank God for the beauty of your heart.”

Dr. Venus Opal Reese
The Black Women Millionaires Mentor™

“Michele PW and her team are consummate professionals. I came to them with a tight deadline for my launch and not only did they step up to the plate and deliver great copy, they really listened to the exact details that I provided them. If you are looking for a team who will bring you great copy that’s authentic to you and not just more cookie cutter stuff, don’t think twice about working with Michele PW and team.”

Mastin Kipp
Best-selling author, speaker and life interventionist

Ali Brown“Working with Michele PW was such a relief because she GETS direct response copywriting. She knew what I was looking for and was able to deliver. With her help, we had record-breaking numbers for one of our campaigns. I highly recommend Michele if you´re looking for copywriting that gets you results.

Ali Brown
Founder of Alexandria Brown International

Lisa Sasevich“I just wanna give a huge shout–out, and a huge thank you, to Michele PW and her amazing team for the difference that they´ve made in our marketing over the last two years. Michele and her team have done an amazing job at pulling together the copy, really helping us as a team member, with formulating our offers and our marketing plan, and I´ll tell ya, I wouldn´t wanna do it without her. I hope I never have to. I really want to recommend that you contact Michele and have her pair you up with the perfect team member who can take all that copy that bogs you down — you know it´s a labor of love — and provide you exactly what you need and help you maximize both on and offline sales.”

Lisa Sasevich
The Queen of Sales Conversion